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to an issue that is easier, which is, will Chinas market continue to open further for US companies in areas where the US is most competitive, such as energy and agriculture and finance?Ambassador Cui: The answer is certainly yes. Actually, we have opened our financial sector more in the last couple of years. We have removed some of the restrictions on foreign investment in the financial sector. For many very good high-tech American companies, theyre increasing their investment or their operation in China. Companies like Tesla are a good example because they see the4

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market potential. They want to be part of Chinas economic growth. They want to contribute to it and they certainly want to benefit from it. So we welcome them all and will create much better environment for foreign investment, better rule of law, etc. As for national security, naturally, there have always been concerns of national security for all countries all along. This is not a new issue. This does not come up al2

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